GlobalCEO Advisors Founder

Ronald K. Wills
Principal and Founder

Mr. Wills has followed his passion of working with the small to mid-market sized business (SMB) owners and CEOs who through their strength of conviction and character are the heart of our business community. The SMB owner are the innovators providing the goods and services consumers and businesses demand.

Ron’s goal is to bring together the top providers of services supporting the SMB market that provide the technology and expertise needed to support their business growth, financial stability and long term survival. Mr. Wills along with the terrific team below are changing the way business is conducted for the better.

Mr. Wills is a seasoned executive with CEO, CFO, COO and Board Member experience in a variety of industries. These experiences have helped to develop in Ron a deep respect for those entrepreneurs who forge out on their own to create our country’s businesses. Mr. Wills is also the founder and President of the National Association of Business Owners & Entrepreneurs (NABOE) that provides a national view of the leading technology, social and entrepreneurial trends to help companies grow successfully with the least disruption.

Executive Committee

Meet our GlobalCEO Advisors Executive Committee and learn more about the organization. We are here to help you determine if becoming a GlobalCEO Advisor can help you grow your business and to see if you’re a fit for our diverse team.

You can contact us a info@globalceoadvisors.com

Ken Fischer
CEO, Atigro

My passion is helping organizations and businesses — like yours — to reach their goals using practical digital marketing tools and services. A dynamic and compelling online experience happens when websites, social media, and SEO, support each other in a digital marketing ecosystem. At Atigro, we merge marketing with technology, for a solution that actually achieves your objectives.

Specialties: Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Development, E-commerce, Mobile Application Development, Content Management Systems

Marc Freedman
Expense to Profit

Our clients come to us when they are looking for solutions to improve their cash-flow or fund an opportunity and do not have the available assets. As certified expense specialists, we help non-profit organizations pinpoint cost reduction opportunities and cost recoveries assisting in making financial decisions benefiting their overall financial health. Almost all of our services are performed off-site allowing you and your team to maintain your focus on the day-to-day operations. As part of a network of independent category specific spend specialists, we have performed over 25,000 audits in many different business verticals recovering overpaid expenses and saving clients over hundreds of millions of dollars.


David Schulman
Chief Cloud Strategist, ForceCounsel, LLC

There are two sides to disruption – disrupt, or be disrupted. ForceCounsel, is a technology consultancy that helps organizations rewire their business to fend off disruption. The company does this by extending their client’s technology infrastructure into new revenue-generating content and services that excite both prospects and customers. Through the use of Lean Startup and Agile methodologies, ForceCounsel digitally transforms their clients in a series of small, inexpensive projects, each proven to increase value before any money is spent on development. David Schulman is the Chief Digital Transformation Strategist at ForceCounsel, LLC. He has more than 30 years of experience in business and association technology. He has been providing digital transformation consulting services to the business and association markets, leveraging technology toward increased customer engagement and revenue generation. Prior to starting ForceCounsel, David conceived, launched built and sold two IT companies. PracticeOne was a SaaS service provider delivering EHR, and back office services to over 1500 physicians nationwide; and Business Engineering, a Microsoft managed services provider with hundreds of customers primarily in the professional and trade association industry. David has worked in aerospace, healthcare, communications, associations and nonprofits. Prior to launching ForceCounsel, he launched, built and sold two business technology firms. When weather permits, David teaches sailing, guided by the principle that while you can’t change the wind, you can adjust your sails.