What I learned, an Odyssey and an Opus

I have spent 35 years working with the business community in the Washington, DC area as a banker and later as an advisor. During my early years, I focused 95% of the time on analyzing business financials to seek out the solutions to help my business clients. Then, I had an epiphany driven by the realization, that a company’s financials are really a lagging indicator of their ultimate success, not the driver of success.

My banking background had steeped me in financial analysis. In fact, I have authored upwards of 20 publications for the American Bankers and Mortgage Bankers Associations, including two books, on understanding the financials of companies, e.g. reading the tea leaves. A big investment of time and energy that was about to change starting around 15 years ago.

I dove into the research as to what makes companies successful and thus began the development of my opus: 5Pillars of Business Success. My goal was to take my experience in business turnarounds, start-ups and operational re-engineering and focus on the key drivers of success. For the past 15 years, I have reviewed the research, tested my hypothesis and continued to achieve successful business transformations.

Transformations require insight and action about what actually drives success and long-term financial stability and growth. It is something that I didn’t speak about much in detail until the last few years. I kept it as my secret.

If you have been attending my NABOE (that’s the National Association of Business Owners & Entrepreneurs) Business Owner Breakfasts in the Washington, DC region, you have heard about my 5Pillars of Business Success. These are the five key drivers of business continuity and long-term growth: your Brand, Vision and Mission; your Customers; your Processes; your Staff and your internal and external Communications.

Over the next 12 months, I will be addressing each of these 5Pillars at the NABOE events. I will be bringing in experts in each area to discuss the newest thinking and strategies that business owners can implement to enhance their companies’ value and success using these 5Pillars.

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